The greatest skill is synergy.

Stylhaus combines a deep digital sensibility with omni-commerce expertise to tackle business challenges holistically, creatively. In our hands, the perceived boundaries between branding and commerce dissolve into one experiential entity, online and off.

Experience Design

Customers and businesses connect in many ways—online, in store and out in the world. Stylhaus combines human-centered design with leading-edge eCommerce technology to make it possible for brands to morph freely through these various points of contact. We begin by gaining a deep understanding of ­­user needs and metrics. Through rigorous research, analysis and testing, combined with excellent UX design, visual design, and meticulous interaction and motion design, we consistently deliver digital experiences that translate to new customers and lasting relationships.


We believe digital design exists as a continuum of beauty and function. The balance is delicate, but achievable. The experiences we create look and behave the way they should across screens and devices of all sizes and types—and we’re not afraid to add motion and interactive accents if it means better guidance and pure delight for the user. Our broad understanding of commercial platforms and open source frameworks gives us the versatility to map robust solutions onto your requirements.


We address the realities of the fashion, luxury, beauty, hospitality and lifestyle industries with platform-agnostic eCommerce solutions combining design, experience and content under elegant art direction. It’s an evolving approach that delivers a memorable, conversion-driving iteration of the brand itself.


Mobile is no longer the future, it is the standard. Your users need access to a seamless interface across devices. Adaptation, responsiveness and unique features are only the beginning of offering an outstanding mobile experience. We continue to push the upper limits of excellence in this crucial channel.


Bringing a brand story to life takes careful consideration. We utilize our innate understanding of timeless brand identity to create a consistently distinct and commercially relevant presence in the marketplace. Balancing aesthetic concerns with marketing goals, we use a cohesive set of elements to tell your company story and take it somewhere new and exciting. Through collaboration and brand education, we turn information into design systems that work across channels to incite positive impact on consumer behavior.


Every market has untapped opportunities. Our goal is to find those and make them work for your brand. We begin with an essential creative inquiry: How should people experience your brand, and what effect could it have on their lives? From that place of understanding, we delve into our deep chest of strategic tools and methods to help you get the most out of your market.


All of our clients enjoy the unique advantage of our decades of industry experience. Our teams work collaboratively to develop common objectives and propose recommendations that make a real difference from a bottom-line standpoint. Our knowledge will help you thrive.